Positioned within Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Museum of Economic Botany is an exquisite nineteenth century museum full of botanical wonders. The museum showcases countless plants and their various uses with a focus on the sound management of resources and the minimising of waste. During the months of March, April and May in 2016, the museum will also house the work of Adelaide based artist Tom Moore.

Tom Moore grows things with glass. He is a keen gardener and an internationally recognised glass artist. These two worlds collide in the miniature museum where Moore is exhibiting a panoply of sculptures grown in glass for Magic Object. For Moore, ‘glass wants to be a certain type of plant’ – a species cultivated by Moore and endowed with a fertile sense of humour and a tendency for prodigious growth.

The last museum of its type in the world, the Museum of Economic Botany seems an anachronism in twenty first century Adelaide. Similarly the art of glass making, an exacting science with a mysterious history, is an anachronism, one that Moore uses to address our environmental fate. In his words, though my work is amusing on the surface, it is driven by a great sense of unease and is very clearly able to be read in environmental terms.  I am concerned that humans have messed-up huge portions of the planet and we have broken the weather. My awareness that glass blowing is not the most environmentally friendly creative endeavour compels me to make objects that promote greater care of the environment.’

Santos Museum of Economic Botany
North Terrace, Adelaide 5000
T 08 8222 9311
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Opening Hours
Daily 10am – 4pm 27 Feb – 15 May
Wed – Sun 10am – 4pm after 15 May

Admission to the Adelaide Biennial at the Santos Museum of Economic Botany is free.