Facilitated by West Australian curator and writer Gemma Weston, this panel focusses upon the role of animism in the work of Lola Greeno (exhibiting at JamFactory), Louise Haselton, Danie Mellor and Clare Milledge (all 2016 Adelaide Biennial artists). The panel addresses the question – can animism as a system of exchanges and relationships between human and non-human subjects help us to understand ourselves and our ecology?

Interlocutor: Gemma Weston (WA)
Panellists: Lola Greeno (TAS), Louise Haselton (SA), Danie Mellor (NSW) and Clare Milledge (NSW)

This event is presented as part of the Adelaide Biennial Opening Weekend.

The ‘Vernissage’ weekend welcomes you to a ‘Wunderkammer’ of perspectives on material and magical thinking, as artists and thinkers examine the juxtapositions that make the world itself a magic object.

Bookings not necessary but please arrive early to avoid disappointment.


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