University Art Museums Australia keynote address by Professor Irit Rogoff

Contemporary research no longer recognises the stricture of an informing discipline or the limitations of an interpretative audience. We have moved on from working from inherited knowledges to working from the conditions of our lives. It is in fact our work, no longer distanced by illusions of objectivity, that has capacities to change those conditions through forms of direct engagement, both intellectual and cultural. The way we work now, refracted through a set of contemporary conditions and informed by a new vocabulary that goes beyond the critical, is a form of performative enactment.

Irit Rogoff is an international museum writer, educator and curator. She works at the meeting ground between contemporary practices, politics and philosophy and is currently Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London, a department she founded in 2002. This event has been initiated by University Art Museums Australia (UAMA) who represents the nation’s university art museum sector undertaking research and advocacy, fostering the exchange of information and ideas, and contributing to the public understanding of the significance of university art museums to the cultural fabric of the nation.